Repeater maintenance 1/28/2023

On Saturday, January 28th our UHF/70cm and 220/1.25m repeaters will be down for maintenance sometime after 12:00 local time as we move them from the QTH of Bruce W7BCW to our top-secret repeater site.

We hope to have at least the UHF repeater back up and running in the late afternoon or early evening that day.

The 220 repeater will be offline for longer as we need to add a crossbar and an antenna for it on our tower. That work may need to wait for better climbing weather (summer).

The VHF frequency of 145.650 MHz simplex will be available for regular amateur use as usual, though without a crossband link to the UHF repeater, coverage may be limited.

This work does not affect the 6m repeater or APRS, which are already located at the repeater site.

More information about our repeaters can be found on the Repeaters page.



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