Monthly Archive: October 2022

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Site updates 10/27/2022

New Content None today. Updated Content Updated the Net Check-Ins page. Updated the OPS-3 Net Control Scripts on the ACS page.

General Class on Zoom 0

General Class on Zoom

A free, weekly, live, Amateur Radio General Class Licensing course on Zoom will begin on Thursday, Oct 27 and will run through Thursday, January 5.  There will be 9 sessions, with two breaks for...

Website Updates 0

Site Updates 10/4/2022

New Content Added a classified ad for Tom K8TOM’s antenna, rotor, and tower. Added a new category for Member Submissions. Added a post with An Ode From the Wednesday Night Class by Marianna Conner...

An Ode From The Wednesday Night Class 1

An Ode From The Wednesday Night Class

The Wednesday class is starting, so It’s time to write an Ode While we’re working on the theory And studying the code. There are frequencies and wave lengths, Directed Yagi beams, and It’s clear...

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