Monthly Archive: May 2022

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Site Updates 5/31/22

New Content Created a Net Check-Ins page and transferred the data from the old site Updated Content Updated the Classifieds page with instructions on how to post an advertisement

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Site Updates 5/29/22

New Content Added “News” menu item which links to the news category: News post regarding the status and predictions for solar cycle 25. Thanks Tom for the link!

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The Sun is Waking Up – Right on Schedule

An interesting article from Monica Young at In what is likely to be extremely good news for hams interested in HF and DX, the sun is waking up! Solar cycle 25 is looking...

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Site Updates 5/25/22

New Content Added content to the New Hams page. Updated Content Added the remaining pictures to the Club Members page. Updated the Home Page with the club flag Updated the footer to include our ARRL...

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Site Updates 5/24/22

New Content Added some new events to the calendar. Added content to the Club Officers page and created a new Past Club Officers page for historical information. Added content to the Club Members page....

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