Snohomish County ACS/ARES provides communications services to Snohomish County Department of Emergency Management (DEM) and member agencies through the Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS) function as well as county hospitals and the Snohomish County Regional Chapter of the American Red Cross via the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) function. These have been two separate teams in the past and have been combined into one larger team trained to handle all the agencies served. This allows more opportunities for members to serve in a larger number of roles. It also creates a single point of contact for these agencies to receive communications support.

Snohomish County ACS LogoMany of our club members are also members of Snohomish County ACS, and we as a club team up with ACS to provide radio support in times of emergency or for public events. Club members who are also ACS members report weekly to either the Monroe Emergency Command Center (ECC) or the Sultan Emergency Operations Center (EOC) on Tuesday mornings to practice radio operations and participate in a county-wide OPS-2 net.

Due to both the COVID-19 Pandemic and the loss of the Sultan EOC trailer, the Tuesday morning check-ins for the Sultan EOC are being held remotely. Below is a link to the script for the Net Control position for our OPS-3 net. You are welcome to use it. Net Control duty records the OPS-3 check-ins at 09:00 on our 145.65 simplex frequency and then checks on behalf of the Sultan EOC to the OPS-2 net at 09:30 local time on the ACS Granite Falls repeater followed by an additional roll call on a secondary frequency chosen by the OPS-2 Net Control.

We hope to soon be setting up a new Sultan EOC location inside the new Fire Station 51.

For more information about becoming a Snohomish County ACS member, please visit

Sultan EOC OPS-3 Net Control Script: Word (.docx) PDF
Other EOC OPS-3 Net Control Script Template:  Word (.docx)

Click for the Snohomish County OPS-2 Roster (under “TUESDAY Morning Nets”).

Check the ACS Net Control Schedule, and please consider volunteering to run the OPS-3 net.

Sultan ACS members in October 2020.

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