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with info regarding the
Cascadia Rising
2016 exercise. Info from this meeting coming soon!

In need of Radio Repair? You just might want to visit this guy!

2015 > 10 Best Ham Radios

{photos have been added}

Are you ready for a DISASTER?

{Hint} You are going to want to know a Ham Radio Operator.

Cascadia Rising ~ FEMA
If Solar Activity page does not come up then NOAA is updating their site

~Club QSL Card~


Simplex Relay

W7SKY Brochure
(printable .pdf file)

The above pdf file is to be printed on both sides of paper. If your printer does that then select 2 sided print short side. If your computer does not do this then after you print one side you must flip the paper yourself and print second side.
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