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In need of Radio Repair? You just might want to visit this guy!
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SVARC repeater is located on top of a water tower located in Sultan WA

2017 Repeater Photos
2018 Repeater Photos

Click here for a 40 second video from the top!


The Players!

Bruce W7BCW / Ernie W7EDA / David KB7GFL

A Special Thank You to Ernie W7EDA for risking himself
to climb the tallest structure in the world
(in OUR world)!

(about 60ft high)

Box that holds the repeater (closed)
Bruce W7BCW and Ernie W7EDA
at repeater site
Tower with the 70cm antenna on top

Then they went back on another day to take the antenna down for repairs

And there he goes! Ernie W7EDA Yikes!!!
Ernie W7EDA at the top!
  APRS station in container

The Container that holds 6m Repeater and APRS Station
6 meter repeater in container  
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