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In need of Radio Repair? You just might want to visit this guy!
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Western WA Amateur Radio Licensing Classes  WA State Amateur Radio Clubs 
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Probably the BEST Ham website out there! QSL cards from the past  
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Cables Online
great place to buy PL259 and BNC terminated cables. Other cables available also!
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Auxiliary Communications Service
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Training through FEMA 
The main link to FEMA for independent study that many volunteer agencies use when responding to emergency issues. This link is the gateway to sign up for a student ID number and has a link to courses offered. The following courses are required to become a member of ACS.

  • IS-100b, Introduction to Incident Command System
  • IS-200.b, ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents (recommended but not required)
  • IS-700, National Incident Management System, An Introduction
 Roger - KE7NTD
Wanted: Vacuum Tubes, Radios 
& Related Items 
(enjoys working on older radios 
if you have the need)
Searching for WA State 
Amateur Ham Radio Clubs?
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dxzone.com amateur radio guide
Getting Kids Interested In Ham Radio  National Geographic & Ham 

Kenny KU7M

HamWAN Presentation

  Morse Code Alphabet
Proven Ways To Kill Yourself with
Amateur Radio
Ham Radio Abbreviations

WWII Archives
A collection of Radio Broadcasts, etc!

36th Mike & Key Electronics Show
& Fleamarket > Photos


RCW 46.61.672

Click here......
print and keep in your vehicle

"Personal electronic device" does not include two-way radio, citizens band radio, or amateur radio equipment.

Some famous names in
ham radio
SVARC Club Officer Voting
Are you ready for a DISASTER? Local Weather (NOAA)
Getting Kids Interested In Ham Radio I got my ham license now what?
Wenatchee Hamfest! Best Ham Radio's of 2017
Morse Code Translater Near-Real-Time MUF Map

NATIONAL Silent Key Archives
The purpose of the National Silent Key Archive™ is to collect and preserve photographs, life event narratives, and data artifacts of deceased Amateur Radio operators, and to make the Archive's digital library available to anyone wishing to view its contents online.

From the W7SKY Webmaster: I have added Mike Terry KE7OKV to this archive.

For those who would like to learn morse code (CW) or would like to regain their profiency in CW try this link:


National Weather Service needs weather spotters:


Another GREAT Ham Radio Site


This link was a request from Liam who is earning his Radio Merit Badge in the Scouts and wanted to share this link with our Club! Thanks Liam and we hope this helps others!

Scouting and Ham Radio's

Operating Guidelines for Radio Ops


Funny funny funny (did I say) funny... stuff...  
UHF Repeater List
VHF Repeater List
Field Day Logging Server 
~W7SKY Club QSL Card~ W7SKY Brochure 
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Zack & Max Comic Book Series 
Simplex Relay

Zack & Max Comics
from Icom

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