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13 years Service Technician at Icom America.

Pneumatic Antenna Launcher
Never underestimate the power of a LAUNCHER!

Includes Seattle and surrounding area Coverage Map

Non exhaustive list of ham radio abbreviations, particularly used in CW QSOs.

Great for New Ham Operators! Just ask Avery!! Thank you Avery for recommending this site!

A GREAT search tool for finding any Ham Operator.

WA STATE Amateur Ham Radio Clubs

WA STATE Amateur Ham Radio Clubs

An "old" technology is a lifesaver in the emergency field

Need a Name badge?
Great site for name badges, etc!

Jamboree On The Air
Scouts of America
October 19-21, 2018

Morse Code Converter
Translate your text to code

6 min video with Ham Nation.

Editor's Choice website showing New Hams what to do first.

Webcam, weather station and more..... Pahrump NV

Takes you to Icom America's website to read each edition.

Wanted: Vacuum Tubes, Radios & Related Items
Roger - KE7NTD
(enjoys working on older radios  if you have the need)

Cables Online
If you need cables.... guess what?This place has cables!

WA State Licensing Classes
Just get 'er done!

Join us on Yahoo Groups

News and information about the Sun-Earth environment

Tech news, Resources and Entertainment, lots of puzzles!!

The Repeater-Builder Tech Page
Informational help site by Kevin Custer W3KKC

ARRL Contest Calender
Updated Monthly

A collection of Radio Broadcasts, etc!

The Original Social Media

Great entertainment

Connect with us on Twitter!

For those who would like to learn morse code (CW) or would like to regain their profiency in CW

A great link to have when you're waiting for your Ham Radio License Upgrade to show in the system

National Weather Service

Proven ways to kill yourself with Amateur Radio

For those who would like to learn morse code (CW) or would like to regain their profiency in CW

Of Amateur Radio Operators. From the W7SKY Webmaster: I have added Mike Terry KE7OKV to this archive.

This link was a request from Liam who is earning his Radio Merit Badge in the Scouts and wanted to share this link with our Club! Thanks Liam and we hope this helps others!

Print And Keep in Vehicle

1. Use your phone to go to w7sky.org site
2. Click at top right corner: "Add to Home Screen"
3. Done!

Located In Everett WA. Snohomish County Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS)

RADIO ANTENNA "TOWER" Cursor! Save this cursor to your computer (remember where you saved it). Go to the Control Panel on your computer to update your Personalization for your mouse pointer. It will look like this:
(showing the cursor below).


The Webmaster was Bored...

By Dick Stevens N1RCT

Ham Radio For Your PC And Smartphone

Cards from 1939. Still trying to design your own QSL card?

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