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Date of Article Subject File Type
January 22, 1992 Sky Valley Hams form radio club .pdf / .jpg
April 15, 1992 Sky Valley ham operators chat all over the world .pdf / .jpg
April 22, 1992
Calling Space Shuttle .pdf / .jpg
June 24, 1992 All clear .pdf / .jpg
April 11, 1993 Shuttle astronaut talks to Mir station by ham radio .pdf / .jpg
May 1995 SOS in Morse code sinks into history .pdf / .jpg
May 3, 1995 Monroe hits it big with earthquake preparedness mock crisis in April .pdf / .jpg
May 22, 1996 Snohomish students get a taste of ham radio .pdf / .jpg
June 19, 1996 Ham Radios heat up airwaves on Radio Relay League's Field Day .pdf / .jpg
February 12, 1997 When disaster strikes, hams are on the air .pdf / .jpg
June 24, 2017 Field Day ~ Monroe Monitor Newspaper ~ Monroe WA .pdf / .jpg
March 6, 2018 Everett Herald Newspaper .pdf / .jpg

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