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The photos below are numbered for Club Members to email us identifying what's in photos.
(If you choose to.)


1 2
Above: Field Day 1991 Startup, WA ~Evergreen Rest Area~ Hwy 2
Annette Shalo and son
Sarah KB7WOY / Dave W7AGJ / Annette Shalo (top of photo)
Sarah was from Index Elementary School Radio Club (1991)
3 4
  Sarah KB7WOY
5 6
Above: Darryl WZ70
The Club used Darryl's Callsign as a temporary club callsign as he had the Extra Class license. About 1993 Bruce W7BCW suggested the Club get their own Callsign. W7SKY was born.
7 8
Robin Lewis  
9 10
  The above photos were from one roll of film. (#1-10)
11 12
WA National Guard provided tents and antenna towers for this SVARC Field Day (1996)
(photos 11-21)
13 14
15 16
17 18
19 20
21 22
Above photos: From another roll of film (#11-#21) Dave W7AGJ
At Cascade Technologies working on 6 meter for 6 meter repeater
24 25
Dave W7AGJ Cascade Technologies
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