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Temperature for the day was upper 90's!

Skykomish River Park

Monroe, WA

2017 Field Day Entry
Thank you to our Safety Officer Fred, KE7HOD, for his time on duty
What locations did we connect with?
Thank you Hams for coming today!
5 VISITORS and the Monroe Monitor's own Kelly.
KB7GFL noting the stations he heard, but couldn't work at that time. he plans to check back when conditions get better. He recorded frequency and call plus exchange information to help make the exchange easier if he works them. AC7LC making connections to Alaska, Utah, South Dakota and many other locations from his YAESU N7KDM had a trap dipole with his ICOM 751 also making connections with other states across country.
K7THY making a couple of connections with Oregon and Idaho on KB7GFL'S radio. N7KDM also making connections. Thank's GFL for the radio time!
  Field Day software with locations of successful radio connections.
Watch and Listen.....
N7KDM's Trap dipole going up. KE7HOD helping with the rotatable trap dipole. 33 ft vertical antenna with 4 ground plane wires.

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