OUR Field Day was at Lake Tye Park in Monroe!
                                             #2 Pavillion
Members started arriving at 9:00AM to set up and we were ready to go by 11. We had 24 hours in the contest. The clean was done by 10:30 and we were out before our deadline of 11AM that following day. (We did good!)

A great time was had by all. All who wanted to were able to have radio time. Bands were good, but bands were quiet compared to last year (in my opinion). This was a big year for us getting to use the new Monroe Emergency Services Trailer during this time. We had a record number of contacts this year! Better than all of our years put together! Many of our contacts were made using CW too! We had a fantastic lunch and WOW, THOSE COOKIES! 5 kinds a total of 32 dozen cookies were enjoyed by all.

OUR "1" Big Event Of The Year!
If you weren't there.....
You SURELY missed out!
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That's CRAZY!!

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Garth, KA7BVS entered the Club in a drawing during Field Day Weekend and HE WON! 15 Bags each with a tshirt, a hat and a drink bottle! Guess who the Sponsor was?                                          Thank you iCOM and ARRL!            

Way Cool, Garth!

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Put it on your calendar! 4th weekend in June is Field Day weekend.

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