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Awards and Recognitions - April Board Meeting

    Mike KE7OKV
Silent Key

From the Mercer Island Radio Club June Newsletter:

June 3, 2015: First Anniversary of the Mercer Island High School Ham Club 

The Mercer Island High School (MIHS) Ham Club First Anniversary was celebrated and recognition was presented by the MIHS Class of 1958 to Alex Banbury, founder and MIRO JUNE 2015 Newsletter Page 2 president, Officer Jennifer Franklin, MIPD, and MIRO for their support of the development of the club. 

Mike Terry KE7OKV represented the class of 1958 and awarded plaques to the Ham Club, MIPD and MIRO. The class has provided funding allowing the club to acquire necessary equipment. MIRO donated a Kenwood HF radio that had been donated to us several years ago. At the moment, the club has a UFH/VHF antenna installed and will next install an HF whip. MIRO was represented by Alex Banbury KE7WUD, John Banbury AG7N, Woody Howse K7EDH, Carter Powell W7IAG, and Don Sandstrom W7VXS. Two of the attending MIHS Club Members are also MIRO members, Gabe Andres KG7MPL and Jon Costa KG7PVY. A Hearty “Bravo Zulu” to Alex for his success in building the MIHS club. You have to look up what BZ means, but I’m using it because Mike Terry, I, and others present served in the U.S. Navy

Well done, Mike!



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