Soon you will have your opportunity to select the Northwestern Division Director and Vice Director on the ARRL Board of Directors. You have a choice to decide who represents and advocates for you in matters before the board. As members we all have a vested interest in the ARRL, and I hope you understand how important this election is.

Change is needed! Over the last year I have come to realize there are many improvements to be made in Board transparency, in how our Division members are represented, and in how important it is that the ARRL be a “member driven organization”; from the members up, not from the Board down. This led me to the very important decision to run for Director this term. Here’s what I bring:  

·        Leadership-I recently retired after a successful career in high technology management at the Director level. In this capacity I was responsible for generating and executing business plans that promoted both revenue growth AND customer satisfaction.  I was part of the team authoring long term corporate strategic plans, and served as our primary customer advocate, bringing their voice to senior company executives.During my variety of roles in operations, engineering and senior management, I oversaw many staff members spanning multiple departments, ensuring they all worked collaboratively to meet our company goals. I have the professional background, and yes, I am a team player.

I am serving third term as President of the Willamette Valley DX Club, and founder/trustee of the Columbia River DX Club, a local club established to mentor amateurs in the technical aspects of the hobby, and to aid in enhancing their operating skills.  

·        Commitment- I am a long-time ARRL Life Member, very active amateur, and on the air. Committed to bringing this high energy and passion to the Board, as your advocate.

·        Public Service- As a firm believer in amateur radio’s obligation to public service, I have served as an ARES Emergency Coordinator (EC), and am currently a Deputy EC for my local county.  I also recently authored training modules for Oregon’s statewide ARES Amateur Radio Operator (ARO) certification program.

·        Mentoring and Education- I focus on mentoring at my own HF station. ARRL Registered Trainer, Accredited Volunteer Examiner, author, and seminar speaker on amateur radio subjects. I strongly believe that Science, Technology Engineering, and Math (STEM) programs in schools will provide a foundation for the future of the hobby, and that the ARRL needs to be more actively involved in these programs at the institution level.  

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No matter which candidates you ultimately decide to vote for in this election, ensure that you VOTE when the ballots are mailed out later this month. Every vote counts.


                                                                           Mike Ritz, W7VO

Mike Ritz W7VO


Mark J Tharp KB7HDX